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Party Coming to an End!

October 8, 2014

Hasaan Khawar
28th September, 2014 – Seoul

Last Friday night, I went to Itaewon – a happening cultural district and supposedly a haven for expats in Seoul – and did some bar and club hopping. Fun and festivity was in the air. Hundred of people thronged the area. Bars were filled with dancing couples, group of gossiping friends, chasing eyes, ravishing beauties and impressive hulks. I could see faces full of excitement and exuberance, with eager desire to participate in this evening of fun, let it all out and dance through the night.

Interestingly, as the night moved on, the spirit of the place took a different turn. After a few hours, the dancing couples were found sitting around the tables, calmly enjoying their drinks. The lovebirds started sneaking away, wanting to get back to their nests. The ravishing beauties now looked tired and dull. Even the energetic bartenders were now slowing down. Night was coming to an end and so was the party. It seemed that everyone wanted to go back to their peaceful abodes. The same night now seemed uninteresting and boring. People have had their share of fun and now it was time to rest.

While climbing the ladder of age gradually, the concept of death has often confounded me. If we were lucky to live a long life, how would we feel, when we are near the end? Would we want to leave this glittery world, full of colors, fragrances and excitements to the realm of unknown? How difficult is it to let go of our loved ones for good, who we would rather not miss for an hour? How painful is it to leave our precious material possessions that we have tried hard to gather all along your life? We look at the world from our own perspective, where we sit at the center of the world. But one day, we leave this aura of self-created kingdom and depart for permanent anonymity into the dust of time.

While watching the ebb and flow of the evening that day, it suddenly dawned on me that life is no different from what I was witnessing at Itaewon. Those, who are lucky to spend a fun-filled life, are excited when they are young, just like the colorful evening a few hours earlier. They were full of energy and emotion. But as the night goes through, just like our age, everyone starts to lose interest in the party, till the time, we are old, having little energy left in our frail bodies. That is when we sit by the table, look at the crowd, cherish what we had earlier, make the most of our last hour, by having a good conversation, before we take off to our final abode to take rest.