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What is Love

September 30, 2014

By Hasaan Khawar

“What is love”, the little girl asked. The old man smiled and said: “Have you ever listened to a beautiful melodious tune, which when you hear for the first time, the clock tends to stop, the mind starts to wander into the less frequented corridors of your past, the heart comes into a perfect synch with the notes and you tell yourself this is just the right moment? That melody, my child, is known as love, and that very moment is the essence of it, no matter how short-lived it may be. And life is no more than a rare collection of those precious jewels. So live them to the fullest while they last, because they never come back just like a picturesque scenery, which you take a glimpse at, before the fast moving train of life takes you ahead.”


The Timeless Art

March 23, 2014

By Hasaan Khawar

That night I learned an invaluable lesson, sitting in a cosy restaurant, looking out the window and gazing at the moving traffic on the streets of Belfast. Language is not the only mean of communication. Its rather the most primitive. Only rarely do the words gel together in a perfect order to create a beautiful combination. Then there are colours and brush strokes, which sometimes blend together and cast their spell on the blank canvass. And also there are melodies, mesmerising us at times, as if we have been cast in stone since centuries. But the masterpieces are not to be found in books, paintings or symphonies. They are created through brush of time with colours of passion on the timeless canvass of our mind to create a true masterpiece. Dust of time then covers this precious treasure and its brightness fades away. Sometimes though, when we are talking a walk in the corridors of past, we take a close look, cherish the art in the hope of reliving that very moment and try to preserve it as a prized possession.