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Lahore, my beloved!

August 29, 2014

By Hasaan Khawar

The roads seem narrow, the air humid and traffic unruly! ‪Lahore‬ feels like an old beloved, who no more does care to get ready for welcoming her love. From a distance it seems that love has probably rusted away due to winds of time. But still when you see her, the old flame flickers and then re-kindles with full swing. You fall in love all over again!


The Pull of Life

June 24, 2014

By Hasaan Khawar

As soon as the chauffeur pulled the car on the Ring Road, the car started cruising on the smooth carpeted road. The chilling air of the airconditioner started to relax my body, slowly taking away the effects of scorching heat of Lahore. I reclined my seat to a comfortable position, closed my eyes and my mind started to wander away. Lahore always had a special place in my heart – the city of my family and friends, a silent witness to my past and present and a gracious host – the pull has never diluted. I thought of my mother who just treated me with a special cup of tea and a bowl of neatly sliced cubes of honey sweet mangoes from Multan. The taste of those mangoes was still in my mouth and the car had not even entered the Motorway, when my mind drifted further and the thoughts of Islamabad started to trickle down in my mind – my plans for the evening and the following week;
my work and beyond work occupations; and my fondness for weekend hikes up the Margallas. This is when it suddenly struck me that travelling between two cities is also somewhat like the game I used to play decades ago. I would toss a piece of metal between the two magnets. The pull of one magnet kept on prevailing till the point, where the piece had drifted too much towards the other. That is when the pull of the other magnet would take over and would attract the metal towards it in a flash. Islamabad and Lahore both have their own attractions for me and just like that metallic piece I seamlessly move from one field to the other. I considered myself lucky to have this pull from both sides that keep me going. Isn’t this what life is all about?