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Lahore, my beloved!

August 29, 2014

By Hasaan Khawar

The roads seem narrow, the air humid and traffic unruly! ‪Lahore‬ feels like an old beloved, who no more does care to get ready for welcoming her love. From a distance it seems that love has probably rusted away due to winds of time. But still when you see her, the old flame flickers and then re-kindles with full swing. You fall in love all over again!


Tricks of Time

August 27, 2014

By Hasaan Khawar

I have always wondered why my clock always moves in a direction opposite to my heart. When I want it to stop, it races. When I want it to race, it seems to stop. The moments I want to make eternal, pass through like a flash and the moments I want to pass quickly last for a life time.